What Are The 5 Pure Strike Keys?

Pure Strike Keys

Pure Strike Keys - Every golf player knows very well that the swings of best players seem to be different in look, but there are always some keys in common. And, this is what pure strike keys DVD package come up with. Popular as “Pure Strike: 5 Simple Keys to Consistency”, these amazing keys were introduced and developed by Bob Koch who is a former tour player and Medicus Golf’s president.

Whether it is Tiger Woods or Jim Furyk, every popular player shares these five common keys to consistency that this DVD series presents. 

For the first time Bob Koch is introducing all the five simple pure strike keys together to enable you know about greatest players of the game in detail. Without any doubt, these five keys together can be the simplest way of assuring a consistent and pure strike.

According to Bob Koch, Pure Strike principles can definitely help golfer hit ball pure with steady distance and repeated accuracy.

What is Pure Strike Keys?

pure strike keys

Pure Strike can be defined as a set of five simple keys, which almost every great golfers have in general. Good thing is that these keys are not only provable, but also attainable by golfers belonging to different levels. If golfers can get to know about the fundamental movement, they can surely accomplish the goals. After learning these keys, you will immediately notice the difference. And, once you will become the master, you’ll be able to have consistent ball striking.

Pure Strike’s Five Simple Keys

  1. Steady Head: The first key has a great significance for several players that make you learn how to keep your head centered between feet from the address by the time you follow-through.
  2. Weight Forward: This key means that around 80% weight of right-handed golfer’s must be on left foot. Studies show that average amateur get 55% of weight frontward at impact.
  3. Flat Left Wrist: This is the third key that prevents golfer to flip the ball. A right wrist for left-handers or a flat left wrist keeps shaft of club to pass left arm before impact. However, if shaft get pass too early, it practically guarantees skilled shots.
  4. The Diagonal Sweet Spot Path: This is the fourth key that helps you bring sweet spot of clubface to golf ball subsequent to Club Face Control.
  5. Club Face Control: Club Face Control is the final and among the most important Pure Strike Keys that involves the movement of clubface from removal to follow-through. Whereas the first three keys guarantee a compressed and pure strike on golf ball, last two keys manage ball flight.

Pure Strike Keys Decree

Golf players find the DVD series of pure strike keys as stack and tilt, mainly the first DVD comprising the “Steady Head” key, which can be referred to as most misunderstood concepts among all the golf instructions.

However, golfers will later on accustom that every good swing have element like that other keys in the series include. Notwithstanding with the method you choose, good swings come with diverse methods and none of them can be compromised.

These five DVDs of pure strike keys include everything that can come up to your expectations, but this is not instruction, which you can go through to garner benefits.

What People Are Saying About the Pure Strike Keys?

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Pure Strike Keys

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